Tailored SOrcery

Damon can provide both close-up and stand-up magic. Close-up magic happens right in front of your eyes, and there's nothing more mystifying than this distinctive brand of magic.  Damon will make certain that your colleagues and guests are thoroughly delighted by his prestidigitive marvels and unique style of humour. If the occasion calls for it, Damon can also provide a splash of stand-up comedy magic, delivered with wit and sophistication; this can take the form of a set show as a part of your event or as your magical master of ceremonies.

Damon's prestidigitation is ideal for all corporate events from product launches and trade shows, to promotional campaigns and award ceremonies. Damon can also tailor his effects to suit your brand and meet any special requirements you may have; magic offers a fantastic flexibility as a unique, bespoke form of entertainment and is sure to make your event wonderfully unforgettable, and your business stand out.

Entertain your vips

Magic is the perfect luxury entertainment and a great way to entertain VIPS. If magic was a foodstuff, then consider it caviar. Damon is versatile enough to adapt to any event and provide either close-up magic or a stand-up show that is guaranteed to impress your clients, and was notably hired to entertain the athletes at the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games, so rest assured you'll be in safe hands. Perhaps you're launching a new product or simply want to promote your business in a magical way? In either case, Damon can expertly tailor his magic to your business through the use of presentation, theming, branded props, and magical giveaways.

team building

Foster that sense of camaraderie and team-spirit by rewarding your staff with a magical team-building experience. Damon will delve into exactly what makes a magician's brain tick before allowing your staff to exercise their problem-solving muscles by experiencing the process of learning and performing a few magic tricks of their own. The session will be rounded off by an exquisite parlour show featuring magic and mindreading.

GALAS, AWARD CEREMONIES, and christmas parties

Add a touch of glamour and excitement to your event by booking Damon to entertain your guests as they arrive and grab their first glass of champagne. Close-up is also perfect when performed in-between courses, as Damon hops from table to table dazzling your attendees. As a seasoned stand-up comedy magician, he can also perform his act on-stage to a seated audience, or become your magical master of ceremonies for the evening.